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Our Mission

Serving McCreary County

“The mission of McCreary County Water District is to provide safe and clean drinking water, in compliance with all state and federal regulations, while also serving McCreary County residents by protecting our source water, continuing to improve our technology and treatment methods, engaging in community events, providing educational assistance opportunities, and offering excellence in customer service."

Celebrating a Career of Service

Superintendent Owens Retires

Superintendent Stephen T. Owens retired from the water district, at the end of August, after 38 years of dedicated service to our community. Steve began his career at the McCreary County Water District in 1979. His duties included Line Foreman; Service Manager; and Assistant Manager from 1988 through January of 1990 when he became General Manager and Superintendent. He served in the role of Superintendent until his retirement in August of 2017.

Steve holds several state certifications in all areas of production, distribution, collection, and treatment. In 2008 Steve was nominated for the Meritorious Operator of the Year Award for the KY/TN Section of the American Water Works Association. He was elected to the KRWA Board of Directors in August 2007 and also served as President of that organization for two years (2014-2015).

Under Steve’s leadership, the water district has completed over $52,000,000 in improvements and additions to our water and sewer systems. We now serve safe drinking water to over 7,000 customers and provide sanitary sewer services to approximately 1,500 homes and business in McCreary County. The McCreary County Water District Board of Commissioners, along with all the employees, would like to thank Stephen T. Owens for his years of dedication and service to our wonderful community.

Treatment Facility Recognized for Outstanding Performance

McCreary County Water District Treatment Plant Recognized as exceptional

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has recognized McCreary County Water District for meeting the Area-Wide Optimization Program goals for both settled and filtered water in 2016 and for being considered a "totally optimized plant" for turbidity/microbial removal. This is the 10th straight year that McCreary County Water District has received this award. It continues to be our goal to provide our customers with clean and safe drinking water.  Read more...

Remember When?

Creation of the McCreary County Water District

The McCreary County Water District was officially formed on November 16th, 1962. Judge Prince L. Stephens presided over the matter and appointed a board of commissioners to run the operation. He appointed Dr. M. A. Winchester for a term of four years; for a term of three years, A. W. Holmes; and Eldred Musgrove for a term of two years. Each man took an oath to faithfully perform the duties of his position. Read more...

Worldwide Water Facts:

Protect our source water

Water use has been growing at more than double the rate of population increase during the last century, and an increasing number of regions are chronically short of water. By 2025, 800 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world’s population could be under stress conditions. Although 70% of our world is covered in water, only 1% of that water is drinkable. Read more...